about us

This is a blog where we discuss all the topics related to, guess what, in-store logistics. We are working hard to get informations and articles on the subject. The main puprpose is to create a source of knowledge and a working tool.
All the topics are here to be developed through your comments.
Let us know at which level you are involved in the in-store logistics.
This is the right place to introduce yourself and share your needs or provide your solutions.



2 responses to “about us

  1. Great subject. Really interested in the POS and/or WMS, and/or stand alone systems that have been effective in supporting in-store logistics in a range of store and back room sizes

    • Dear Don,
      apologizes for the very late reply.
      Yes, as far as we know, there are no WMS in the market that manage the logistics activities in the stores (for instance by dividing the inventory at the point of sale to which is at the stock room). Neither, we are not aware of any WMS that can issue reports and monitor specific KPIs. We would be interested to collaborate with you to study something more specific. Best regards, Paolo

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