Definition and Role of In-store Logistics

In-store logistics involves the operations that manage the inventory flow from the store’s receiving dock to the point of sale, passing through the stock room (or store warehouse).

The final delivery to the store cannot be considered the last step of the retail logistics process. The final link of the supply chain should be shifted from the store’s incoming dock to the point of use.

Retailers should consider new ways of working together across functions. In-store Logistics staff can focus on supporting merchandiser and sales team by taking charge of in-store replenishment,  inventory management, space optimization, inter-store transfers and multichannel web/store logistics operations.

Poor execution in performing daily logistics procedures is one of the reasons a store fails in meeting its targets. It is due to a lack of specific knowledge about logistics best practices and techniques by the store staff. More and more retail executives are recognizing the huge benefit in assigning the logistics tasks to selected personell.

Managing in-store logistics is now particularly essential in shops which adopted a merchandising layout optimizing the sales space only with sample products on display, while the related inventory is in the stock room. This particular store layout/appearance is perceived as highly appealing.

In this kind of shops the staff can be connected via voice-based wireless communication. Sales staff stays on the sales floor with customers while in-store logistics staff quickly locate the requested SKUs in the stock room, pick and move the items to the selling floor. This improves employee collaboration and maximizes sales opportunities.


2 responses to “Definition and Role of In-store Logistics

  1. Instore Logistics are the procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of personnel and materiel.
    One definition of business logistics speaks of “having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer.

    • We’d agree on your definition about business logistics. Having said that, in-store logistics has to be consider a segment of the logistics business which involve in particular the logistics activities at store level, by managing the inventory within the store and his stock-room. We are always available to have with you an open discussion about this topics. Thanks

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