In-store Logistics Operational Activities

In-store logistics includes the following operational activities grouped into 5 main categories and relative sub-categories:

1.   Forward and Reverse Logistics

1.1.  Delivery to the store

1.1.1. Delivery from Distribution Centres

1.1.2. Direct delivery from external vendors

1.1.3. Promotional and merchandise material

1.2.  Reverse logistics

1.2.1. Returns from customers in the store

1.2.2. End of Season returns from store to DC

1.3.  Store-to-store transfers

2.   In-store Activities

2.1.  Receiving process

2.2.  Hanging Point-of-Sales labels, price tickets, promotional stickers and security tags

2.3.  Product put-away, replenishment and stocking

2.4.  Performing physical counts

3.   Inventory management

3.1.  Inventory optimization

3.2.  Inventory accuracy and loss prevention

3.3.  RFID in retail

4.   Multichannel (online/store) retail activities

4.1.  Order online for in-store pick-up

4.2.  Research online prior to making a purchase in the store

5.   Data management

5.1.  In-store logistics Reports

5.2.  In-store logistics Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

5.3.  Key Learning Points (measure what matters)

6.   In-store logistics master planning

6.1.  Investigate

6.2.  Innovate

6.3.  Implement


One response to “In-store Logistics Operational Activities

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